Sunday, May 07, 2006

Noticing things.

While I have been absorbing the tedius nature of romance novels, I
realized how much I appreciated Virginia Woolf. I plan too, for better
days, although they generally seem to swallow each other, and I like
it that way because I need the encouragement. I do agree, of course,
although noseplugs tend to break - so you gotta make sure to have as
many as possible. Canada sounds like a can of soda. In fact, for all I
know it may barely exist and be exactly what I said. Yes that's right,
the grand ole city of Norwich is even bigger.
Bigger then my bright red earrings, of course, and hell, but your
birthday present says it has never been touched by your hands before.
One day, when I stop listening to depressing music, I will probably
see canaries in the sun, but for now, I can just jump in my seat in
terror, although I never move at all.
The more likely it is that the bus is empty, the more I dread it,
although I must admit to telling myself I quite like its rickety
danger-line, and how the layer-cake of the ladder-clad bus almost runs
over those cars in the front window.
It reminds me of those times when doves flew into our fron windshield,
and we pretended not to notice.


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